Paul Connett

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Chemistry

I’m Paul Connett. I’m a chemist and one of the founders of Zero Waste theory.

I travel the world all year round, teaching local communities about the 10 steps to reduce their garbage to zero.

The 10 steps:

  • 1) Source Separation
  • 2) Door to Door Collections
  • 3) Composting
  • 4) Recycling
  • 5) Reuse, Repair and Community Centre
  • 6) Waste Reduction Initiatives
  • 7) Economic Incentives
  • 8)Residual Separation and Research Centre
  • 9) Industrial Responsibility
  • 10) Temporary Landfill

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Paul Connett is wereldwijd zeer actief op het gebied van duurzaamheid, en milieu. Verder voert hij campagne tegen het ongelimiteerd toevoegen van fluoride aan drinkwater.
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Video over de 10 stappen naar Zero waste

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The problem of waste must be resolved at source, by reducing the use of raw materials. Important in this is the elimination of unnecessary packaging by encouraging products sold on tap using refillable bottles. An interactive map will allow users to indicate the location of stores that sell products on tap, right across Europe. When the page goes live, the main stores will already have been mapped for Rome, Paris, Berlin and Strasbourg.